Complimentary Cyber Threat Assessment

How secure is your company’s current network architectureIs it intercepting the latest persistent threats? 

Horizon Security Assessment 

Fill out the form and receive a Cyber Threat Assessment free of charge. Our team will perform a two-week diagnostic and then conduct a security risk assessment. All of this will be accomplished without interrupting production. 

Get the Horizon Cyber Threat Assessment and understand: 

  • Security risks and vulnerabilities 
  • Threats to productivity 
  • Peak performance requirements 

Your company will get a detailed report evaluating your entire security strategy as it affects networks, devices, and mission-critical data. 

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About Horizon

The security experts at Horizon can work with you to test and evaluate your IT security. Our team includes a former Chief Security Officer and has an impressive track record of combating cyber threats and risksWe have met the security needs of highly regulated and frequently targeted organizations, such as those in the health care industry.